AFP Scores Victory Over Terror Group MILF and Debunks Spyplane Propaganda

Manila – The Armed Forces of the Philippines notched a military victory against the Mindanao-based terrorist-syndicate Moro Islamic Liberation Front, according to Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Ponce. The military encounter in Guindulungan town in Maguindanao last Thursday killed seven important figures in the MILF hierarchy – field commander Tolni Salik, two of his lieutenants and four others, most of whom are listed in the AFP Order of Battle. “This is a tactical victory that we gained and a great tactical loss as far as the leadership of the rogue MILF is concerned,” Ponce told mediamen. “The military alleges Tolni is a senior leader of a hardline MILF faction blamed for pillaging a string of Christian settler communities in Mindanao 10 months ago that left dozens of civilians dead,” reported Agence France Presse. Ponce also exposed the MILF’s latest delusion – that one of their snipers shot down a military spyplane during the battle. They posted their “bounty” in their website The “spyplane” is a remote-controlled portable helicopter equipped with cameras and sensors – plus Chinese characters in the propellers and indications that it was made in Australia. But Ponce categorically stated that the AFP does not own the spychopper, and they don’t use any “unmanned aerial vehicles” for surveillance. He added that the AFP doesn’t need spyplanes because residents there inform the military themselves about the activities of the discredited and much-hated terrorists. Photo from This story originally appeared in


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