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The Art of Letting Go

Saturday Stories September 30, 2017

My best friend R. has just built his own design studio after years in management in the BPO industry. I sent him my worst photo while hoping for the best. It was taken by J., my best friend here in Cebu, after one of our mountain explorations by motorcycle.
It was a starry, starry and silent night. I've been trying to remember the chords of "A Love Song" because I love Kenny Rogers, both his songs and his roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.
The result is Wow, especially for those who have seen the original. Wayne Dyer said it best in the title of one of his books, inspired by the classic song by Jimmy Cliff: "I can see clearly now."
It is also symbolical – out of the dark and into the light.
'Tis the season for more exciting landmarks along the road. Here is what I've written on my cellphone last Sunday:
I'm sitting on a doorstep in an alley beside the newly-opened laundromat. I can hear the…

The Sound of Life

Saturday Stories September 23, 2017

The weather was sublime at the beginning of the past week. I woke up early morning Monday and I wrote on my cellphone:
It is a perfect day to go out. It is also a perfect day to stay home. But whether I stay or go, this is a perfect day. This day is a miracle.
Then the weather turned a lighter shade of pale as the days went by. On Thursday I wrote:
I never saw a storm this strong. I'm looking down at an entire city that seems covered in fog because of the relentless rain. I feel my whole being wanting to be out with the elements. I see myself running across fields of gold, with the rain soaking my body, and if I get hit by lightning and turn to ash, then so be it. I would love that.
I really enjoyed what happened last Thursday night. It was around seven, and most of the other offices in the building were already closed. A friend at work and I were walking along the empty corridor.
"Did you hear that?" he asked as we entered …

Somebody Warm Like Me

Saturday Stories September 16, 2017

A friend is requesting for my latest photo. So, here it is, with me on the far left, although it has nothing to do with the story. Then again, nothing is not connected.
If there is one thing in life I can take pride in, it is that I have never, ever, betrayed anyone's trust. My head is full of other people's deepest secrets, and I shall take them all with my ashes into my beloved sea.
That was what I told a friend earlier this morning as we were talking about life, relationships and the need to be able to confide to someone.
I had some really neat conversations this past week. I like to share some of them here. 
I've been asked how I would react to somebody who is just like me in terms of attitude. I tossed the question back. She said they will clash with because they are both dominant. Then she tossed it again. I sang a little of the song "Somebody Warm Like Me," and my answer is the complete reverse.
I said: I feel…

A World Of Heroes

Saturday Stories September 9, 2017

There is such pure positive energy in the world. I have been seeing and feeling it all around me since I began to look through new eyes. I feel inspired and uplifted when I see my fellowmen emerge victorious against seemingly insurmountable odds. I think those who say that there are no more heroes and role models are looking at the wrong places.
I found an article last night about Filipinos who showed that, with faith and courage, nothing is impossible. I have known and admired some of them even before, like Grace Padaca, Roselle Ambubuyog, singer Fatima Soriano and actor Rome Mallari.
I was touched by the stories of those whom I am learning about for the first time, like the artist Jovy Sasutona who paints by holding the brush in his mouth because he is paralyzed from the neck down, the artist Fernando Cabigting who learned to paint using his left hand after a stroke blinded his left eye and paralyzed his right, the athlete Raymond Martin who wo…

We Are Complete

Saturday Stories September 2, 2017

The most significant event that happened to me in the past week is that, after all is said and done, this is the first time when I can say that my life is finally complete.
I have found what I have always been searching for all my life. If I die right now, this would be the perfect moment. Then again, I've never been afraid of death especially since my own near-death experience in 2010 which I've mentioned to very few people, two of whom have already crossed over; not to mention my encounters with the nonphysical in my dreams, and lately, even when I'm awake. But then again, I could die from sheer happiness right now anyway.
It's funny that I'm saying this without any intention of sharing my private life with the public. I can, however, tell stories about how the universe is constantly responding to my intentions by showing the little signs I've asked for: rainbows, bubbles, butterflies, feathers and repeating numbers. I'…