September 5, 2015

Monte Cristo 5 and The Secret 2

Saturday Stories
September 5-11

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 5

"But Uncle Benjamin!" said Crisostomo. "Don't tell me you believe in vampires?"

They were having lunch in the middle of the rice fields under a large mango tree, the food spread on banana leaves on a makeshift table, an idyllic rural scene straight from an Amorsolo painting.

"Nephew, three people have already been found dead!" said Benjamin, one of the farmers. "There were bite marks on their necks and they were completely drained of blood!"

"And not only that, Crisostomo," said Tonying, another farmer. "There are also five people missing, including the thirteen-year old son of the village captain!"

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear Diaries

The Secret (2)

April 28, 2015, Tuesday

The most important thing is to feel good. Your feelings attract everything that happens to you.

Her sister has manifested her dream car when somebody offered it to her for a price she could afford. The sister was very generous and money just flows into her life, she told me. She said the law of attraction worked for her because she doesn't worry about money like she used to.

Me, I said, I don't even worry at all. If you focus too much on wanting to have what you want, the universe responds to the vibration of not having it, I said. Where your focus goes, that's where the energy flows.

The Secret

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