October 3, 2015

Monte Cristo (8) and Fortress of Solitude (2)

Saturday Stories
October 3 Edition

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 8

The priest was standing alone in the altar. It was midnight, the time when spirits from the netherworld are said to roam.

Padre Amidala was gazing at the writhing man spiked on a sixteenth century narra cross. 

Rushing back in his memory were the words of his father from his deathbed: "Johnny, be good."

His parents' most cherished dream was for him to enter the priesthood. Now, he's a full-pledged Man of God.

"If you can see me now," he whispered in nostalgia.

It wasn't as easy as he had thought, especially on ... certain times.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

My Own Fortress of Solitude

Episode 2

"And touch infinity?" I joked.

"You will if you let it come," he said seriously.

"I want to," I said in earnest.

"Are you allowing it?" he asked. 

I felt the jolt from a spark of insight. I wish I could say it was a blinding light of mystical illumination. My mind raced through the heaven and hell I've been through, and how far I had come. I suddenly realized that "heaven" and "hell" are only what I choose to believe them to be.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Fortress of Solitude
Scene from Superman The Movie

Photos courtesy of wallpaper222.com, kimasxi.deviantart.com and pinterest.com