Does Your Boss Inspire You?

Janet Basco was lost in the dark, with her lonely broken heart; then a special someone with leadership qualities came along, took her home and made her his own – goes the story of her classic song You Made Me Live Again. A true leader can raise you up to more than you can be. Here are some of the many ways to identify – and emulate – leadership, based on The Motivating Team Leader (St. Lucie Press) by Dr. Lewis E. Losoncy. Leaders Understand Because They Empathize With The Personal Circumstances of Others Gen. George Marshall will forever be revered as the US Secretary of State who drew up the Marshall Plan, the unprecedented aid program that revived the shattered economies of post-War Europe and shielded it from Soviet domination, but his human touch – with war widows and in his debates against the pro-Navy Pres. FDR in behalf of the under-supplied Army – was equally memorable. Leaders Help People Find A Higher Purpose To Get Involved Dr. Thomas Dooley spent his life saving lives in the worst spots in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, and inspired generations of medical volunteers. One such was Barbara Boyd, who told him she wanted a “glamorous” career as a flight stewardess. Years later, they meet again on a flight, and he told her that teaching a child in some Lao village how to brush his teeth is more meaningful than jumping every twenty minutes just to give grouchy passengers some Scotch. Weeks later, on January 1961, at the prime of his life and at the height of his popularity at 34, Tom Dooley died of cancer, and grief-stricken Barbara volunteered the next day and found her true calling – just as Tom told her she would – in the backwaters of the Third World. Leaders Reframe People’s Roles So They Can See Their Full Significance Fr. Carlo Ventresca, the camerlengo – Vatican’s de facto leader during papal elections – in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, broke into the secret conclave with BBC journalists with the shocking revelation: the ancient anti-Roman brotherhood the Illuminati is holding the entire Vatican hostage using anti-matter, the most powerful force known to man. He confessed that science has won over religion, but the prize was a world without purpose, and that the church, however imperfect her leaders may be, is still needed today – and the millions around the world, stunned by the live broadcast, knelt with him in prayer and human solidarity.