Environmental Visionaries From The Philippines

As a private tutor, I believe that having influence means having the responsibility to help focus attention on important matters -- and I tip my hat to [Time] for maximizing [its] international influence to spotlight the chilling effects of global warming. Noble missions to safeguard the planet are sparked by environmental heroes, and I sincerely hope [the world will know] some of the most outstanding visionaries from the Philippines today: Loren Legarda for her pioneering program on countrywide reforestration, Narda Camacho for her pioneering work on solid-waste management on the grassroots level, Gina Lopez Roy for her pioneering campaign to save the La Mesa Watershed, Dr. Condrado Dayrit for his pioneering research on virgin coconut oil as natural medicine and food supplement, Dr. Ramon Tan for his pioneering work on jatropha oil as biofuel, teenage scientist Joseph Amurao for his pioneering research on janitor fish oil as biofuel, and Miguel Zubiri for his pioneering advocacy on bioethanol from sugarcane -- and here's even more joyful news: there's more where they came from!