Why The Private Sector Can Be The Country's Secret Weapon

“If you want, there’s way; if you don’t, there’s an excuse,” goes one of the slogans of the late great Senator Raul Roco. We all want automated elections, which is actually something we should have had decades ago. Here’s one idea: why not a Congressional Act that will deputize the private sector to take over public projects, instead of paying taxes? The government has a list of projects, and those who want to participate (in lieu of accumulated taxes) can choose which ones to sponsor. Examples: banks can pay the salaries of teachers, real estate developers can retrofit structures to make them earthquake-proof, a group of multinationals can pool funds for poll automation – not to mention computerizing the entire bureaucracy, like in Naga City. The feasibility is proven by the success and public acceptance of the Adopt-A-School project. The BIR can still collect taxes from individuals and SMEs – but by this time, there will be no more need for E-VAT. A more active role in governance would galvanize our objective of a First World status. This would streamline the bureaucracy, minimize opportunities for graft, prevent future tax hikes and foster a greater sense of national responsibility and pride . This is people empowerment at its truest – and most glorious.