Mary of Bethany, Do You Take Jesus of Nazareth To Be Your Lawfully-Wedded Husband?

We now know that anyone can make a career just by slamming The DaVinci Code. Don’t be surprised if they’re so excited because the sequel Angels & Demons is on the way soon.

But because of that, Dan Brown has now more money than Opus Dei. It makes you wonder whose side the critics are on.

The truth is, Jesus died for us but He wasn't required to die a virgin. His purity, if you’ll pardon the pun, has been religiously defended throughout the centuries, and that’s okay because that’s freedom of religion.

It reminds me too of a scene in Genesis where the Almighty Creator was horrified to see naked people in Eden.

As a full-blooded young male, I find it unnerving that Jesus, you know, not once, even when He was a teenager, never?

But Jesus wasn’t gay either, no sir, and the reason why His young disciple John is His “Beloved” is purely platonic.

I don’t know why I say I know, but if people want to get kinky about His sexlife, that's fine, though I bet that Catholics would rather have Him sleep with His wife Mary Magdalene than His brother-in-law Lazarus.


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