Time Management In A Minute

Busy? This is the fastest way to fix your sked. Time management is life leadership, says Stephen Covey, author of 8th Habit, and here are his first three steps. 1) Write your own mission statement. This is to sum up who you really are and want you want in life. Generic sample: “To master my profession so my work will be synonymous with excellence, and to conduct my life in such a way that people will see Jesus Christ reflected in me.” 2) Know your 5 main roles in life. This is to pinpoint your responsibilities in your different roles in society. Example: You are a lawyer, father, husband, restaurant co-owner and lay pastor. 3) Set goals for each role. This is to achieve balance – meeting all your responsibilities by scheduling them in advance. Example: Overtime on Friday, supervising your business on Saturday, and going to Mass and watching DVD with the family – and getting a copy of The Star – on Sunday.