“Moment by moment, our lifetime goes on; ’til one day, our somedays are gone…” Lily Tomlin, Moment By Moment Half the world is sleeping at any given moment. You wonder sometimes what people dream about. Is it about the things they love, or the things they lost We sometimes think of days past, nostalgia attributing to them a certain magic that wasn’t there before. We dream about life. We want to do everything at once. There is so much to do in life, so many ways to savor it to the fullest. But time is never enough. They say that some good things never last but can we at least suspend a single, glorious moment? Like a photograph perhaps, but can we still feel the beauty of the moment when our hairs have already turned gray? A peaceful, nearly perfect moment in one’s life is a distinction not even the king’s gold can buy. It is more precious than fame. There are certain moments when you really feel at peace with yourself and with the universe. I’ve had my share of those times when the deeper layers of truth manifest themselves. Those moments when you to a higher level of existence both in intellect and spirit, in heart and soul. At the moment I write this, somebody somewhere in the world is laughing, crying, hoping, suffering. At this moment, a woman is giving birth, the child may turn out to be a king or a criminal, a saint or a scumbag. At this moment, somebody in the world is dying, surrounded by friends and family. At this moment, somebody must be achieving his loftiest ambitions and somewhere also, somebody is nursing wounds of humiliation and defeat. At this moment somewhere in the world, a bride is giving herself to her groom on their first night. Somebody is having his picture taken, his photo to remind him of his youth. A mother is preparing her family’s meal. Somebody is gazing at the sea, communing with his soul Image courtesy of