What Matters Most

“It’s not how long we held each other’s hand, what matters is how sweet the years together…” Kenny Rankin, What Matters Most Our lives have always been intertwined, like the vines in a forest, touching each other, for better, for worse, but always in consonance with the mysterious cadence of infinity. We learn to love, we need to love. Somewhere along the way we meet fulfillment and happiness. But sometimes also, we meet loneliness and despair. But to have loved and lost, is to be human, to be of humanity. Nothing could be of a more noble life. For it is through the subjugation of our frailties, when we set aside and rise to prove worthy of the elixir of life, the bittersweet taste of pure love, that we become blessed. And having been blessed, we find peace. To love is to be holy, for love is the most sacred feeling, for love, ultimately, is God. Love’s sting can cause the most excruciating pain, but love’s kiss is the sweetest pleasure, like the purest nectar from a thousand flowers. Young lover photo courtesy of Thorin1313d.com