Are You Enjoying Your Job?

Are you happy at work? If a twist of a key can start a bulldozer, then surely a couple of simple techniques can re-energize you workaday world and even boost your professional standing Here are three ways from Dale Carnegie’s How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job (Pocket Books). Learn to appreciate your colleagues. The “Secret” law of the universe is Like Attracts Like, so try to be nice to people. KC Concepcion had only good things to say about her co-star Richard Gutierrez during the press-con for When I Met You: “In the six months that I’ve worked with him for our two potboilers, he proved to be so nice.” Turn tasks into opportunities for growth. Oftentimes, it’s not the work, but how we do it, that makes a difference. John Lloyd Cruz’s tasks in his next film are to be not eclipsed by Vilma Santos and to kiss Luis Manzano. “I consider every new role as a fresh journey,” he tells the press. “I want to know more about the complex, intriguing but colorful world of gays.” Get them to be on your side. If you can’t beat them, let them join you. Michelle Robinson was the advisor of the new lawyers for their Chicago law firm. One of them courted her. “I just found him intriguing in every way you can imagine,” she tells CNN. “He was funny, he was self-deprecating, he didn’t take himself too seriously. He could laugh at himself; we clicked right away.” But she told him it’s not right that they should date, and he says, “Who cares?” They went steady, and eventually, got married. The guy’s name, by the way, is Barack Obama.