3-Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Appeals To Gloria Arroyo

Manila – He could have led a life of comfort in his native Dublin, but instead, 3-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Fr. Shay Cullen has spent the greater part of his life defending human rights and seeking justice for the poor and the exploited. He established the highly influential People’s Recovery Empowerment and Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation in Olongapo City, and is as fervent as ever in his advocacies, writing a weekly newspaper column in the Manila Times and his online newsletter. Fr. Shay has recently sent President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo a message emphasizing the importance of the passage of the Anti-Child Pornography Bill 684. Fr. Shay graciously gave 2Rivers the green light to present his letter. Here’s the complete text:


Appealing for the declaration of the anti-child pornography bill No.684 as urgent.

July 2009

Dear Madame President,

At no time in the history of the Philippines has there been a greater opportunity for the President to act decisively to protect Filipino children at grave risk than the present historical moment. Thousands of Filipino children are damaged for life when abused in the making of child pornography.

The abuse continues when the images of the sexually abused children are spread around the world through the internet and are available on the streets of the Philippines for all to purchase with impunity. They are shown to other children as training videos to seduce them into becoming Commercially Sexually Exploited Children and they too are abused and damaged for life.

By immediately certifying as "urgent" the anti-child pornography bill pending before the House of Representatives, House Bill No.684 entitled "An Act Defining the Crime of Child Pornography, Imposing Penalties Thereof, and for Other Purposes" you will save thousands of children for years to come.

The Philippines needs this law urgently to protect children and to fulfill the nation’s international obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international protocols undertaken by the State on behalf of the Filipino People.

The passing of House Bill No.684 at your behest will be a proud historical legacy and provide protection for children for future generations.

We the concerned citizens, representatives of agencies and organizations working for the protection of the dignity of the Filipino people and the rights of the child strongly appeal for you to act and announce the bill as an urgent priority.

Fr. Shay Cullen photo courtesy of TheIrishCatholic. This story also appeared in AllVoices. Log on to PREDA.

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  1. To put the published letter into perspective, one must consider the glory-seeking that Shay Cullen does, such as announcing the number of times he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The fact is he never did and most likely never will win the prize because he raped at least one child - my duaghter at the tender age of SEVEN (7) YEARS OLD, and I will continue to present evidence of his missdeeds and misstatements to the Nobel Institute as often as is necessary.
    In fact, I beg of him to file libel against me so that I can present PROOF of his deed to court, because he managed to get the court case I filed pulled before he could be arrested and arraigned. Nice use of your donations, right?
    See http://preda-facts.info for duplicated, signed and forged documents by Shay Cullen and Preda.

  2. With all due respect, sir, why didn't you file another case?

  3. I'm sure you've already Fr. Shay Cullen accepting the Meteor Humanitarian Award, so this is for the readers.

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