A Prayer for Cory Aquino

Manila – As the nation prays for the recovery of former President Aquino, a series of healing masses across the country united a chronically-fragmented society.

“A Prayer for Tita Cory” was written by Margarita Juico, Mrs. Aquino’s appointments secretary and editor of Cory Aquino: An Intimate Portrait.

The final version came from Makati Rep. Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr., Cory’s presidential speechwriter, and one of the best wordsmiths of his generation.

2Rivers joins the nation in praying for Cory’s recovery by reprinting that prayer in full, courtesy of Inquirer.net.

Prayer for Tita Cory

"Father in heaven, Source of goodness and strength, Author of life and love and liberty, we come to You to pray for our sister Tita Cory, the mother of our freedom, source of our strength in its constant defense. We come to You with heavy hearts at the thought of all the suffering she has endured because we will not let her go.

"You took the hand of our Tita Cory through every trial she has undergone, every challenge she confronted, and every cross she took on herself – from the imprisonment, exile and assassination of her beloved Ninoy, to the liberation of our country, and the unflagging defense of freedom. Take her hand again and ease her pain; give her, in what life You will still give her, a measure of the Infinite Joy that surely awaits those who suffer with you.

"Lord Jesus, You took on our human nature to free us from the dominion of evil. Look with loving kindness and care upon our Tita Cory who, in humble imitation of You, freed us from the domination of evil in our political life. Not once, not twice but again and again, with every threat of its return.

"Divine Healer, Source of wisdom and light, stay with Tita Cory the way she has always stood by Your teachings in the face of every temptation offered by power and position. To You alone she has always turned because she loves you with the expectation of no other reward but to love You even more.

"Blessed Mother, bless and protect the family of Tita Cory, her children and her grandchildren. Let them feel, in this trying time, the grace of which Dear Mother you abound. Allay their fears and anxieties, with the promise of your constant presence and protection. Soften the pain at the sight of their mother’s suffering. Let them find peace in your grace, Dear Mother of God, comfort in your love, solace and strength in your Blessed Mother’s example at the passion and death of your Son.

"In the name of God, Almighty Father Who gave us Tita Cory; in the name of His Son Jesus Christ Who suffered and died for our sins; in the name of the Holy Spirit -- let us pray that she whose every heartbeat is an act of love for God, whose breath is a prayer and every exhalation a divine praise; let us pray that from this moment her pain will cease and she will know the perfect peace, the unceasing grace, the indescribable joy of the union she has always sought to keep with God.

"Dear Lord, give us the strength to bear whatever may come with the courage, fortitude, and grace that our beloved Tita Cory has shown at every crisis of her life in our nation’s cause -- so that our conduct shall honor her example and show us worthy of her devotion to God, to country, to Holy Mother Church, and to us. When the final hour comes to us as well, remind us, Dear God, of her example. All these we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen."

Photo of Cory courtesy of Wawam. This story originally appeared in AllVoices – including Cheche Lazaro’s complete 4-part “Probe” special feature; and the complete video of Cory 's historic speech at the United States Congress.

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