What If You Can"t Read?

Today is the day after International Literacy Day. Yeah, I know, I should have posted this yesterday, but I was down with the flu after being submerged in freaking floodwater in Caloocan City, so please, give me a break. Let us stop and think for a moment. Have you ever thought – really, deeply contemplated – just how lucky you are because you can, of all things, read? Some books and magazine articles have become indelible part of our lives, stamped in our hearts and woven into our souls. Just like songs in Bread’s The Guitar Man, “You find yourself some message and some words to call your own and take them home…” Folks who can’t read nor write – like Robert De Niro’s character in Stanley & Iris – are trapped in the dark, and while the journey may not be as easy as ABC, the first step to the light is our understanding, and a helping hand, in our own way, one word at a time. TRAILER OF “STANLEY & IRIS”


Anonymous said…
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