Do You Believe The World Will End In 2012?

Before we arrive at the End of Days, I want to ask, “Do you believe in the Priory of Sion?” Oh, I have another question: “How good is your memory?” Jesus Christ, I have a third question! “Have you seen the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto?” I haven’t, but if I remember right, it was set during the zenith of the Mayan civilization.

That’s the rub, you see. I’m writing this in a public park at 2 in the morning, away from Google and my library that was already destroyed by the flood anyway, so I’m relying on memory. If you believe that Jesus was a divine bachelor, the Bible is enough. But if He wasn’t, there’s Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Templar Legacy – not to mention The DaVinci Code – and that’s just for starters.

The point is: we believe what we want to believe, and we can cite references to back that belief.

This also applies to the idea that the Doomsday will come in 2012, three years from now. If you believe it – or just open-minded about it – I think I know where you’re coming from, and that includes the book that decoded the Mayan calendar but whose title I forgot. And if you don’t, ditto. It would be so nice so everybody understands and respects each other’s viewpoints and senior moments.

I, for one, do not believe that the world as we know it will – poof! – vanish. I believe in Edgar Cayce’s revelations about everything – I give you my word that Seer Out Of Season is worth your hard-earned money – so this is how I see the future.

I believe that the earth’s “axis” will tilt, and the north and south “poles’ will change their map coordinates. This “Polar shift” will devastate – but not destroy – our planet. The upheaval will (chillingly) sink California, Japan, Northern Europe and lots of other places.

This polar shift has 2 phases:

  • Gradual – This is also the chief cause of climate change, much more powerful that global warming; and
  • Sudden – The last time we had this, it froze Greenland, dried Egypt and sunk Atlantis. This, I believe is what killed the dinosaurs, not an asteroid like in those movies where Elijah Wood survived but Bruce Willis died.

And this sudden polar shift could happen in 2012.

I believe that earth will survive even after the year 3000 because Cayce is meant to reincarnate at that time. He saw the future with New York City still existing – but the western part of the United States wasn’t there anymore.

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