Can You Defy Heaven and Hell?

Today the highly anticipated film “Twilight Saga: New Moon” opens in theaters all over the world. It’s time to get to know the characters on a deeper level.

Have you sometimes felt like an outcast? Does being true to yourself make you less human? Is it a sin to be who you are? This is a story about a girl apart from all the rest. Her name is Bella Swann.

She is beautiful, very beautiful, a good daughter with a keen sense and a pure heart. But her friends seem to, not exactly avoid her, but keep their distance.

All except the lonely teenager Jacob Black, who has a crush on her but struggles with his own secrets and battles with his own demons.

Bella’s boyfriend, the dashing and attractive Edward Cullen, is the object of fantasy of the girls and envy of the boys in their school. They are intrigued, but they feel uneasy about the mystery surrounding his real character.

Bella knows his dark secret, his possession of demonic powers beyond their most gruesome nightmares – even his inhuman craving for her blood.

She also knows she loves him more than anything else in her life.

They are different from each other, and different from everyone else. But as the seasons change, witnessing the endless of cycle dawn and twilight and the birth and death of the new moon in the night sky, what fate awaits an ordinary human who loves an immortal?

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