Poem: "In The Comfort Of Your Presence"

As James Montgomery once wrote:

"Beyond this vale of tears
There is a life above,
Unmeasured by the flight of years;
and all that life is love"

The following poem, In The Comfort of Your Presence, is an ode to all those who have passed this way, an affirmation of Man's inherent immortality -- and a celebration of life.

In The Comfort Of Your Presence
(In memory of all those who passed away)
By Jonathan Aquino

Your memories shall live on,
Yes, even those who remain
Unmourned, lying in sacred repose
On unmarked graves. Still, on
Hallowed ground you rest. In
The distant heavens you gaze
At the world, and recall
The times of your life, the people
Whom you loved, whom you left,
But still, love is immortal.
We ask what that which lies
Beyond the dark skies, the other side,
Where sprits roam
Free as the eagles, soaring,
To heights to eternity. And you
With the benevolence of wisdom
Wanted us to know
But the wall between
The living and the dead
In silence stood.
You wanted to come down
And tell us the things
We’ve always wanted to learn,
The mysteries of the universe
The lessons of infinity
You wanted to I impart
But then, maybe,
We’re not ready, maybe
We’ll never understand? For
No mortals can see he visions
You wish to show, a panorama
Of time, with no beginning,
And no end.
Or maybe you just wt to tell us that which is true:
That there’s nothing to fear
For you will always be here
Because you never left
Photo courtesy of LightProofBox. This poem originally appeared in Philippine Graphic
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