Why Gay-Rights Group Ang Ladlad Is Outed From Congress Party-List List

“I have such a hard time figuring out who is what and what is who. And why is who a what or why is what a who.” Abbot and Costello would have loved House Speaker Prospero Nograles’ text message to reporters.

He said it was “Queer.”

It his reaction, quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer four days ago, on the decision of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to reject the application for party-list representation of the gay-rights group Ang Ladlad (The Coming-out).

Nicodemus Ferrer, Comelec second division chairman, says that gays and lesbians are not marginalized. “I have been telling them, you are not under-presented,” he says. “Actually, you are over-presented in the Lower and Upper House.”

The fact that they are elected means that gays and lesbians have already proven that they are already in the “Mainstream society.”

On the other hand, “By their petition, they are seeking to separate themselves from the mainstream,” he says. “What’s their purpose?”

The Ang Ladlad camp says the poll body’s position is “Medieval.”

Watch news video of Ang Ladlad’s reaction. Cartoon courtesy of BigQueer.com


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