Images In Silence

This poem, Images In Silence, is a visual experience that conveys different meanings at different levels. Imagery as a device had served T.S. Eliot, John Milton and Edgar Allan Poe in good stead, and is one of the secrets of timeless literature. I wrote this poem in 1998, as a sort of visceral interpretation of the Passion of Jesus Christ, but it can also apply to the whole of humanity.

Images In Silence
By Jonathan Aquino

He is a hero
and he, in the end,
will triumph
like the brave princes
of youth’s folklore;
but now, demons,
once again, dance,
in gruesome parody
of noble shamans
from hidden tribes
far, far away;
his blood flows
but his wounds shall,
in time, close;
his nights are filled
by the howls of ghouls
lurking in the sanctum
of the Abyss, but,
Victory shall come;
for even the twilight
promises the dawn


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