My Favorite George Benson Songs

I Just Want To Hang Around You 

In Your Eyes 

You Are The Love of My Life 
with Roberta Flack 

The Greatest Love of All 
(See also the version by Whitney Houston

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You 

Give Me The Night


I just featured Peabo Bryson. It's worth the wait. I was happy to find the original MTV of Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, which he sang with Roberta Flack. I thought they also sang You Are The Love of My Life. I can't help singing that to the a woman I haved loved in late 2012 which is an epic story in itself.

The guy is actually George Benson. I remember singing In Your Eyes when it first aired on radio I was kid during the late eighties. I still do.

"Don't you know that love's just like thread
that keeps unraveling but then
it ties us back together in the end..."

So today I took my George Benson Page and made it better, adding that duet and new videos. The new banner photo is from I now have here George's original version of The Greatest Love of All. I love this song and how Whitney Houston reworked it is just amazing. I could have written this.

"I decided long ago
never to walk in anyone's shadow,
if I fail, if I succeed,
at least I lived as I believed..."

(See our musical specials featuring Whitney Houston and Peabo Bryson here on 2Rivers.)
"In your eyes I can see my dream's reflections,
in your eyes I found the answers to my questions,
in your eyes I can see the reasons why our love's alive..."