Was Jesus Divine?

In May 1291, the fortress of Acre was burned to the ground by the invading Saracens. Aimard of Villiers and a handful of men were able to escape the bloodbath, bearing the secret the launched the Inquisition.

On his deathbed in Cyprus, Aimard, the last surviving member of the original nine Knights Templar, entrusted the secret to the young Martin of Carmaux, whose hair turned white at the revelation.

“It lies at the core of our Order, and it is the source of fear and envy of the Church.”

Gospel Truth

Was Jesus Christ the Son of God? The Gnostic Gospels from Nag Hammadi debunk the resurrection. In the year 180, when the early Christians were fragmented and persecuted, a unified doctrine was set down by Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon.

He chose four gospels that were proclaimed as, well, gospel truths.

The first, Mark, like the Gnostic Gospels, does not record any resurrection, much less a virgin birth. The original ending was the women’s discovery of the empty tomb – and running away scared and telling no one about it.

Half a century, Matthew was included. A decade after that, came Luke, and they were revised to accommodate Church doctrines.

Why? Because Jesus’ main teaching was that enlightenment about one’s true self would lead one to find God.

But Jesus “had to be more than that. He had to be the Son of God. He had to be unique, because of his being unique, the Church becomes unique, the only path to salvation. By painting him in that light, the early Church could claim that if you weren’t with them following their rules, living the way they wanted you to, you were doomed to damnation,” reveals Prof. Bill Vance in the novel The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury.

Hidden In Code

In my mental; movie version, he was played by Robert Redford. I play FBI Agent Sean Reilly, with Jody Foster as archeologist Tess Chaykiun and Robert De Niro as Monsignor De Angelis.

The key to the secret is hidden in code, in case they fell into the wrong hands.

It did – in present day New York.

Friday The 13 th

In March of 1314 in Paris, Friday the 13th, Jacques De Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, together with Geoffroi De Charney, was condemned to be burned alive by King Philippe De Bel and Pope Clement.

As the fire consumed him, the indomitable will that burned in his eyes was more fearsome that the flames. Before his spirit left his charred body, he proclaimed for all to hear:

“In the name of the Order of the Knights of the Temple, I curse you, Philippe De Bel, and your buffoon Pope, and I call on God Almighty to have you both join me before His seat within the year, to suffer His judgment and burn forever in the furnaces of Hell…!


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