Mother Nature Rules!

I’m writing this as I look out the windows of the National Library and see trees of green of Luneta Park. Today is Earth Day. I believe that our planet is designed to heal itself. But it does not justify our environmental assaults throughout the millennia to make her habitable for our species at the others.

I can’t speak for anybody else, but last week I was gazing at the majestic Taal volcano within a lake in Tagaytay, and yesterday I was treading exhiliratedly at the forest at the La Mesa Dam Eco Park. I love nature, and I’m willing do my responsibilities, even in my own little ways, such as throwing my cigarette butts where they should, not where is it most convenient – and because little things can go a long way.

This is the only planet we have, and we are all brothers and sisters of our Mother Nature. Let’s do our share in showing how much we love her, okay?

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Photo courtesy of Freewebs


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