This Man Is The Most Worthy To Be President

My vote is a public trust. It is my duty as a responsible citizen to discern today the leaders of tomorrow. I am very consistent. I have always wanted Richard Gordon to be President even while I was still a teenager and he was Subic chief in the 1990s. The only other public figure who inspires my complete trust is Loren Legarda, even during the Inside Story days. I have always said that that they are the most worthy since the late great Raul Roco

I am objective but direct as a blogger and a professional freelance writer. In one of my articles about last year freak storm, 2 Lessons – One Is Obvious But The Other Is Glorious – From Typhoon Ondoy, I stated for the record, “Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross, naturally, was on top of the situation already – way ahead of the government – the de facto point man for emergencies. Gosh darn it, this man should be President!”

In my special report on the 2004 poll fraud for, Don't Blink: How To Win An Election You Lost and Get Away With It, I wrote, “Legarda is clearly of Presidential caliber…I’d definitely vote for her, and will craft a more comprehensive treatise on why she deserves the trust and support of the people.”

I wrote an article on modern day positive role models two years ago titled League Of Extraordinary Filipino Gentlemen, my way of battling the spreading cynicism among my fellow youth, and here’s my Dick profile: “This future President is synonymous with true leadership — the gift of bringing out the best in people by example. Imagine a Red Cross chairman slogging through mud to deliver aid, and a Senator who picks up litter and throws them in garbage bins – those actions speak louder than 24/7 filibusters.”

But I was told my votes would be “wasted” because they won’t win. Why? Because “Survey says!” What is this, Family Feud? Since when did popularity equal merit? That logic should inspire Joc-Joc Bolante to run for President because he’s as famous as Pokwang.

It would be improper to serve again as PPCRV volunteer because I have publicly chosen sides but I’m looking forward to cast my vote for the two candidates I most believe in, and proudly doing it in my own initiative and expecting nothing in return – except for their victory and our vindication as an enlightened nation.


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