My Favorite Filipino (Tagalog) Duets

Wency Cornejo and Cookie Chua sing “Walang Hanggan”

Smokey Mountain 2 Sings “Kahit Habang Buhay”

Tillie Moreno and Ray An Fuentes sing “Umagang Kayganda” (Beautiful Morning)

Leah Navarro and Basil Valdez sing “Lagi Na Lang” (Always)

Ima Castro and Lloyd Umali sing “Nanliligaw, Naliligaw” (Courting, Getting Lost)

Isay Alvarez and Robert Seña sing “Kung Ako’y Mag-Aasawa” (If I Get Married)

Photo of Wency and Cookie Chua courtesy of Awiting Pinoy 


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JonathanAquino said…
Today I changed the photo (and of course the credit) and I added Walang Hanggan which is really special to me