My Favorite Kenny Rankin Song

What Matters Most

Haven't We Met


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"Many times, I wish you were here, through the velvet shadows of my dreams..." "Just tell me you love me, whisper words I so long to hear..." Whenever I'm blue, writing and music helps clear my mind. In this world of constant change, the soundtrack of my life is always there for me, like my beloved mush from England Dan & John Ford Coley
. "If you tell me you love me, it will lead a way to your heart, through the nearness of silence, you love me..."
"It's not how long we held each other's hand,
what matters is how well we loved each other;
it's not how far we travelled on our way,
but what we've found to say..."
"The early morning smiles we tearfully recall..."
"It's not how far we traveled on our way..."
"...but what we've found to say......"
Huggybear said…

"'s not the spring you see..."