The Life Aquatic Over Troubled Water

This new special poem, The Life Aquatic Over Troubled Water, was written on Jan. 4, 2004, revised yesterday, and posted today for the first time. It is about values, freedom, dignity, self-respect, Christian living – or, in a word, humanity. These formidable themes, however, does not disguise its patently humor-oriented approach, the title of which is taken from a Bill Murray film and a Paul Simon song, but essentially remaining Filipino in heart and soul.
The Life Aquatic Over Troubled Water
By Jonathan Aquino

I. Am. Not. A. Chicken!
Don’t cage me in a squatter poultry!
I wanna be free…
like a stallion in Marlboro Country,
unburdened by a Sisyphus calesa;
an animal like me and you,
and May the Horse be with you!
You won’t give me fish? Fine!
I don’t want your bloody sardines!
You’d rather teach me to fish?
Okay; oh, by the way:
if I drop dead while out at sea,
before the mackerels bite, that is,
if they survived your dynamite,
you’ll go to church then Red Horse;
because on videoke-Sunday you say:
“Jesus is just alright with me!”