Cinemalaya 2005

Aureaus Solito’s "Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros"

Ron Bryant's "Baryoke"

Rica Arevalo's "ICU Bed # 7"
Starring Eddie Garcia

Michael Angelo Dagñalan's "Isnats"
starring Berting Labra

Mario Cornejo's "Bigtime"
Starring Michael De Mesa

Emmanuel Dela Cruz's "Sarong Banggi"
Starring Jacklyn Jose

Sigfried Barros-Sanchez's “Lasponggols”

Alfred Aloysius Adlawan's “Room Boy”

Hech’s Angela The Bading Assassin: A Musical


JonathanAquino said…
Photo credits
Baryoke and Isnatz:
Cinemalaya 2005:
busyok said…
isa ako sa mga tuwang tuwang panoorin ang mga entry sa sinemalaya.
masmakatotohanan kase ang mga ito para sa akin. masramdam.
JonathanAquino said…
Korek! Not only Cinemalaya, but also the Cinema One Originals film festival. I hope this little effort of mine to promote our film industry, and by extension, our culture, will not be in vain. It';s not for me, but for the country. Gosh, do I sound like Manny Pacquiao? Para sa bayan!
Today I revised the size of the posters from Xtra large to large, and put the videos and the titles in between, instead of the original format of posters first then the videos.
Today I also added the Kwento picture to represent Sarung Banggi. Photo courtesy of Naked News Pilipinas