Should We Resurrect The Death Penalty?

It’s a bad idea to bring back the death penalty. It doesn’t stop crime. It won’t stop criminals because they know they’ll get away with it anyway.

The police themselves break all the laws they’re supposed to uphold. It’s hard to respect the police once you’ve seen them in action. They’re abusive and arrogant, and in a tight situation, they prove incompetent.

We have lost focus on the basics. One of the most crucial elements in a society is law enforcement. It’s simple: If I commit a crime, I’ll get caught no matter where I hide, then I’d be given a fair trial, and if I prove guilty, I’ll go to jail.

It doesn’t work that way in our beautiful 7,107 islands, whether high tide or low tide.

Here, big time syndicates are protected by police or military officials. If a case becomes a media sensation, the police will round up some people, torture them to confess, parade them to the media – none of the “suspects” given legal counsel – and declare the case closed.

We don’t need the death penalty. In a country with a functioning justice system, it’s unnecessary. In a country with a perverted one, it’s useless – and very, very dangerous.


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