My Sundays With Tita Boots and Tito Willie

Just bought a headset, sound trip on an easy Sunday 2 weeks ago. I’m basically a radio guy, switching FM stations, but I also passed by Music & Memories, the dzMM show by Boots Anson Roa and Willie Nepomuceno. I love them both, really, cheesy aside, and I cherish those comforting moments listening to these 2 national treasures.

Music and me have together for such a long time. Black and white piano keys, ebony and ivory, make beautiful music together, in perfect harmony.

I love music, and music loves me too. I always get an LSS, Last Song Syndrome, playing over and over in my head, sticks to my brain like bubblegum. On the wee hours of March 8, it was Maghihintay Sa ‘Yo, Jhake Vargas.

Check out the original version by Dingdong Avanzado
Tune in dzMM


JonathanAquino said…
Photos courtesy of Elvert dela Cruz Bañares and Film Academy of the Phils
JonathanAquino said…
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