What Do You Do On Saturday Nights?

I always tune in to Carl Balita’s dzMM radio-TV show Radyo Negosyo. My early Saturday nights are for developing the mindset of an entrepreneur. I hope he gets back his stolen van and find a permanent replacement for co-host Chinkee Tan, who replaced Marlo Sanchez. The last show I caught was with Mina Gabor. I also make it a point to patronize the businesses they feature, most recently Quickly (health drinks) and ThumbsUp! (ice cream in mini cones).


JonathanAquino said…
Today I changed the lay out of the tab pages, now the links are side by side with the photo. The links used to be under the picture so you have to scroll down, but not anymore. User friendly! I also returned the search bar to the sidebar, which I put on top, under the tabs, but it was unwieldy. It’s better this way. Faster! Flash!