Is Mikey Arroyo Being Politically Persecuted?

The administration of former President Gloria Arroyo has become synonymous with electoral cheating, congressional bribery and blatant corruption in the highest levels of the government. That’s why Arroyo’s son, Congressman Mikey, says he’s being persecuted by the current administration because he’s facing a case for tax evasion.

It has nothing to do with political persecution. “The evidence against GMA and her family is far huger than the mountain of trash in Payatas,” to quote Conrado De Quiros in his April 12 column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “It has to do not just with stealing people’s money. It has to do with stealing their vote.”

President Aquino’s logic was unassailable: if the younger Arroyo did pay his taxes correctly, all he has to do is to show the documents that he did. 

Last Sunday I was tuned in to Inner Mind On Radio, the paranormal-oriented radio-TV show by Jaime Licauco, as I have always been done every Sunday for years. His guest was Elizabeth Oropesa, the beautiful award-winning actress who recently discovered her inexplicable healing abilities, and has now devoted her life in her new calling.

Still, I want to cast her in one of my movies in the future. She’s really a fine actress, but what she did that night gave me goose bumps: saying The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic – the very same language spoken by Jesus Christ Himself.

Vampires and werewolves can live in harmony. God probably likes them better that’s why they have inhuman powers, if you’ll pardon the pun. I recently saw an episode of Imortal, the horror soap opera with John Lloyd Cruz as a vampire and Angel Locsin as his werewolf wife.

But since I seldom to get to watch prime time TV, I don’t know what happened during the celebration of the peace treaty between the two supernatural species, when a bunch of vampires were massacred by Vivian Velez


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