Huggybear's Favorite Jam Morales (English) Song

Smile In Your Heart


JonathanAquino said…
Welcome to 2Rivers, and I sincerely appreciate that you passed by. Anything you want to say is welcome, and you can link to your site with EasyHyperLinks
JonathanAquino said…
I could made the photo larger but it will blur. Courtesy of iTunes
"You brighten my day,
showin' me my direction;
you're comin' to me
and givin' me inspiration..."
"...I'm always dreamin'
Of being in love,
but now I know that this is true,
since you came into my life,
it's true love that I had found..."

~ Ariel Rivera
"A Smile In Your Heart"
"I pray that you wouldn't leave me
Whatever may come along..."
"...the sun shines electric blue..." ~ Stonebolt, I Will Still Love You