January 7 to 13

January 7 to 13
Stories: Guardian angels, Sendong, Renato Corona, Athenians, lawyer jokes, a heart-warming story from Reader's Digest
Huggybear's LSS: Kahit Umiwas Pa by Jhake Vargas
Artists of the Week Jaime Barcelon, Justin Bieber, Angeline Quinto with the theme from Budoy

If Renato Corona Could Turn Back Time.

The impeachment trial, the country's first against an incumbent Chief Justice, has been set for January 16. The Philippine Congress needs 95 votes to transmit the articles of impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona to the Senate, which will conduct the trial, and got an overwhelming 180+ votes. The oath taking (and souvenir pictorials) of the Senator-Judges took place just last December 14 then went into Christmas recess.

Legal experts say that the now-detained former President Gloria Arroyo's appointment of Corona less than two months before the presidential election in 2010 was illegal. Corona didn't resign. President Benigno Aquino III  has publicly denounced him and said he is tainting the integrity of the judiciary because of his allegedly biased decisions in favor of Arroyo.

Corona still didn't resign. Corona said he won't resign. He's not Japanese.

Politics is about reframing. It would have been different if Corona had spoken out about his "midnight appointment" and showed a legal basis for his Chiefship, if any. Effective politicians proactively frame the terms of public discourse. Better yet, if Corona had refused the appointment by the previous President, then he would have earned the respect and admiration of the present one

When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Guardian Angel?

A young man named Bobby saw a little girl in a park. She looked really sad. Bobby cheered her up, saying she looked like an angel, because she was so angelic-looking, so beautiful. Then she smiled and spread her angel wings, and told Bobby that she was his guardian angel. She revealed her true form because Bobby showed concern for a person other than himself. Only Bobby can see her, she said, because, in his heart, he BELIEVES

I got this story from deejay Jamie of Home Radio 97.1 FM, when she read it on air about 9:40 p.m., January 5, 2012. You can share your own stories on the Dear Jamie FB Page
Sorrow At Yuletide
The tragedy brought by typhoon Sendong was lethally swift, totally unexpected and gut-wrenching. But it galvanized people around the world to send help to the grieving survivors in Iligan and Cagayan De Oro; couriers like ZestAir are even offering their services for free just to send much needed aid. Universal brotherhood knows no borders. [Facebook Post December 21, 2011]
A typhoon is a phenomenon of nature. But how "natural" are disasters like flashfloods caused by illegal loggers and irresponsible mining companies protected by politicians?

Congress can amend the Price Act overnight to include bottled water in the list of necessary items to avoid overpricing during calamities. If Congress can impeach an incumbent Supreme Court Chief Justice in a matter of hours, surely they can.

The Truest Champion

Apryl Dalmacio Eppinger brought honor to the Philippines when she won 3 medals (2 silver, 1 bronze) for sprint cycling in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games in Jakarta. When the stunningly beautiful 26-year old Filipino-German-Australian athlete heard about the lightning-quick rampaging floods that devastated Cagayan De Oro and Iligan cities, she took the P130,000 cheque the government gave her as performance bonus, and personally gave it to the Philippine Daily Inquirer relief drive for the victims of tropical storm Sendong

How Long Do They Have To Listen To You?
As a writer, I appreciate brevity. Yes. So did the Athenians of Ancient Greece. Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander The Great, told them: "If we capture your city, we'll burn it!" The king sent a one-word reply: "If."

Don't Leave Your Sense of Humor At The Bar Exam

I got a bunch of lawyer jokes from columnist Jarius Bondoc.

A witness who was suffering from myasthenia was asked how it affects her memory. She said it makes her forgetful. The lawyer asked: "Can you cite examples of those things you have forgotten?"

A widow was asked how her marriage ended, and she said by death. The lawyer demanded: "Whose death?"
A forensic pathologist was on the witness stand. The lawyer wanted to get his medical opinion: "Doctor, isn't it true that if a person dies during the night, he wouldn't know about this until the next day?"

A prosecutor was grilling a witness: "Were you present when your photo was taken?"

A lawyer was making sure he got the facts straight. Okay, the witness has three children. There are no boys. The lawyer confirmed: "Are there girls?"

Who Is Most Welcome To Your Home?

Bill Moore of Asheville, South Carolina wrote a letter to their local paper about a house guest who turned their lives upside down. They followed all his demands: a special bed, an entourage of at least three people wherever he goes, undivided attention when he's awake, and most importantly, absolute silence when he's asleep.

He has a habit of taking things apart, blissfully oblivious that he can't put them back together again.
One time, they went to Mount Pisgah, and in reaction to the magnificent view, he yawned and slept.

During lunch, he made a fuss, refusing to eat what was ordered and insisting that he eat somebody else's meal. If that wasn't enough, he was seen kissing the waitress.

Is that kind of guest welcome?

You bet! "He is just three years old, and he calls me Grandpa," says Bill. "And he can come and dissemble the whole house anytime he wants."

(Source: Reader's Digest, November 1979)

Huggybear's LSS

What's on my mind is Kahit Umiwas Pa by Jhake Vargas, theme from the Korean TV series Dong-Yi

Artists of the Week

OPM English: Jaime Barcelon

OPM Tagalog Angeline Quinto with the official Budoy theme MTV

International: Justin Bieber


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Angel: Christ-Centered Mall http://www.christcenteredmall.com/stores/art/hahlbohm/guardian-angel.htm

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