February 25 to March 2

The New Wave Student Shorts of the 2011 MMFF
Tribute To Jaime Cardinal Sin
Featured Artists: Gary Valenciano, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam Force

The New Wave Students Shorts of the 2011 MMFF

Payaso (La Salle Lipa)

Adivino (Asia Pacific Film Institute)
Directed by Emil Joson

Sanayan Lang ang Pagpatay (Ateneo de Naga University)
Directed by Gil Joseph Sanchez

Biyahe Ni Barbie (College of St. Benilde School of Digital Arts)
Directed by Kookai Labayen

Oras (International Academy of Film and Television)
Directed by Paula “Paw” Manginsay

Mate (Colegio de San Juan de Letran)
Directed by John Christian Nicolas

I See Everything (Southville International School)
Directed by  Michael Jianoran

Bagong Ligo (Mapua MAS)
Directed by  AJ TriviƱo

Speechless (Miriam College)

Ulan (Pixel Art/La Consolacion College)

Tribute To Jaime Cardinal Sin 

The separation of Church and State ends when loyalty to the country begins, and the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Manila Archbishop mobilized the country to overthrow two Presidents through peaceful revolution – and inspired the whole world with the glory of true People Power. (This is an excerpt from The League of Extraordinary Filipinos. See also Why The World Needs People Power, Why The World Needs Cory Aquino,  and 9 Life Lessons From Ninoy Aquino’s Spectacular Senate Victory)

Featured Artists


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Thank you for the following sites for the photos

MMFF Banner: Starmometer http://www.starmometer.com/2011/12/29/mmff-2011-awards-night-list-of-winners/

Student filmmaker cartoon: CartoonStock http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/p/provocation.asp

Adivino, Barbie, Mate and Sanayan: Ateneo De Naga http://www.adnu.edu.ph/newsfeatures.asp?qstrID=382

Bagong Ligo: Mapua Media Arts and Sciences http://mas.mapua.edu.ph/CurrentStudent/NewsAndEvents.aspx

Jaime Cardinal Sin: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cardinal_Jaime_Sin_in_1988.jpg

Gary V: Odyssey Live http://shop.odysseylive.net/music-product/5377/REVIVE

Lisa Lisa: Tumblr http://upkoyc.tumblr.com/post/7925429386
February 25, 2012 5:45 PM
Bad Trip Power Trippers

A security guard named Sanchez wrote a letter for the advice segment of the DzBB radio show of Rowena Salvacion and Benjie Liwanag last Feb 27, Sunday afternoon. Sanchez was working in an Internet cafe and two female employees would order him around, even insulting him.

At that time, I'm in a company with a newly appointed reporting team head who is a blatantly obvious power tripper, negatively criticizing my manuscripts to the point of scolding me like a child in front of the editors and staff.

So I can relate. By the time I post this, I would have left

I am absolutely convinced that office power trippers are deeply insecure, and try as I may to understand them, I personally cannot sustain any respect for their ilk.

Personally, I think they're trash
On Jaime Licauco's Inner Mind last Sunday on DzMM Teleradyo, the guest was the Filipino author of a book on why bad things happen to good people. Sorry I forgot the name, Sylvia something. I completely agree that what happens to us now are caused by our actions in our past lives. Here's my SMS, but my question was read as a statement so there's no answer

My concept of karma is same as Edgar Cayce: the purpose is to purge and perfect the soul through various lifetimes to achieve enlightenment. But is there a pre-emptive way to get out of the karmic cycle?