March 10-16

Stories: Yam Laranas' The Road, Insight From Ishmael BernalPriceless Tip From Francisco Colayco, I Am Number Four

Huggybear's Favorite Filipino Movie of 2011

Ella (Barbie Forteza) sneaks out late at night with her best friend Janine (Louise De Los Reyes) whose boyfriend Brian (Derrick Monasterio) is teaching her to drive using his mom's car. They got lost on a deserted road, pursued by a driverless phantom car. Be-medalled supercop Luis (TJ Trinidad) searches for them, and faces the zombie-ghost victims of the weirdo loner (Alden Richards) who lives in a house of spirits. I don't always say this, but I’m really impressed with the screenplay of The Road, directed by Filipino Hollywood filmmaker Yam Laranas.  It’s simply the best Filipino film in 2011 and one of the best Filipino films of all time

Yam Laranas

Insight From Ishmael Bernal 

I have a friend who has lent a big amount of money to a mutual friend. It's perfectly understandble for us that he can't pay because we both saw his economic hardship. What I cannot stomach are shallow, ostentatious social climbers who buys over-priced needless things don't pay debts. Just like the character played by Maria Isabel Lopez in the original Working Girls directed by Ishma. Funny and insightful, saw it on DVD quite recently. Gina Pareño rocks! (Too bad there's no video, but here's another one from Bernal: Pabling starring William Martinez)

Priceless Tip From Francisco Colayco

Money issues is part of living. It happens. I learned a priceless financial advice from wealth enhancement guru Francisco Colayco: Earnings minus Savings = Expenses. Meaning, when I encash a cheque for an article, I have to first set aside a certain amount on my savings account; whatever is left will be my budget for expenses. Easier said than done, but it's the correct mindset. For me, money represents freedom. "Shine sweet freedom! Shine light on me...!"

Colayco on Private Conversations With Boy Abunda

He Doesn't Know What He's Capable Of 

John Smith (not his real name) is from the planet Lorien, which was decimated by the tattoo-headed, massacre-minded Mogadorians. He has a Protector, Henri; a photography-hobbyist girlfriend, Sarah; and a young alien-obssessed best earth friend, Sam - plus new superpowers and a shape-shifting dog. Now how wickedly awesome is that? Oh, the Mogs are on earth and has killed the first 3 Loriens! John knows that because he mysteriously gets a scar when it happens. 

I have lots of favorite lines. The Mogs admire humans for our "disregard for practical things." That's intergalactic sarcasm, I like that. 

I forgot who said, "A place is only as good as the people in it," but my gypsy soul screamed Amen! 

The earth is "as good as any place in the universe," says John, and I'll take his word for it. 

I'm broken-hearted now so I can relate to what Henri said: Saying goodbye "is more than the rest of us had."

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Here is my SMS to the show Remoto Control, read by Danton Remoto, March 2: U know ur Pinoy if stand ka sa bus n walk sa door kahit far pa bababaan. Siksikan kayo but not like sardines coz maluwag n puro tomato sauce na lang sila
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The Road: Mangyan Blogger

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Colayco: What’s Up

Number Four: Screen Rant
Here's one of my Facebook stories today:

A Purified Water Toast To The Memory of Heroes

When I come to a town, I look for their homegrown foods. I got a pizza roll in Indang Cavite, 57 kms south of Manila, on Feb 17, 2012. It's cut up to pieces, you eat it like those sidewalk squid balls that's ubiquitous in the Philippines, but with a toothpick. That's 15 pesos for pica pica. They even have a local bottled water brand, Agua Severino.

Had a nice snack at the little plaza at the back of the bust of the Revolution-era town hero, Severino De Las Alas - and in front of the marker for the memory of the brave Indang Filipino and USAFFE soldiers who died in Bataan and Corregidor during World War 2.

It was moving (emotionally, not literally).

I was a couple of steps away from the Spanish-era-style municipal hall of Indang. The Cavite State University will greet you first as you are, like Santa Claus, coming to town
Here's another one of my FB stories yesterday:

Quo Vadis Mortis?

This is cute. Saw this in as I was in a bus cruising the highway in Bataan. First week of Feb. Sign says "Lalayo ka pa ba?" It means "Will you still go farther?"

So you're on a journey, see, and why go far when you can do that thing you do, you know, here?

It turns out to be a billboard advertisement for, love the creativity, funeral homes!
As Tyron Edwards wrote: “People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher or better than themselves.”

I believe that our generation has greater need for role models than lectures, especially now that apathy and shallow entertainment have never before been so widespread. My story, The Unforgettable Love Story of Christopher and Dana Reeve
, which I wrote in 2008, is a celebration of one of the most inspiring figures of our generation. Based on Christopher Reeve's unforgettable memoir, Still Me, this story will hopefully convey the sense of empowerment and nobility that are his greatest legacy.

This is a positive affirmation that I truly believe, in the words of Kenneth Tomlinson, retired editor-in-chief of Readers’ Digest, that my story is “good for all seasons, good for all ages, good for all those who wish to play a role in making their world a better place.”
(This is one of my Facebook stories today)

The Philippines is virtually being kept economically afloat by the remittances of overseas Filipino workers from around the world. Still, we are inundated with news of OFWs being maltreated, or worse, murdered.

Here's my first SMS to March 11 episode of Ibayong Pinoy, read by Maricel Halili:

Can the Philippine government run after foreign employers who abuse OFWs and violate labor laws? What legal protection does OFWs have?

They said they will discuss it in detail in a future episode where they'll invite resource persons.

The government has come out with another stupid idea: closing embassies for cost cutting. Say goodbye to the embassies in Helsinki, Budapest, Dublin, Palau, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Saipan, Rumania, Venezuela, Sweden, and that's just the first batch.

Here's my second SMS on that same episode, read by immigration lawyer Mike Templo:

If the government wants to cut costs, the answer is to stop congressional pork barrel. Closing embassies is tantamount to a death sentence for OFWs
This is my Facebook story today, March 14, with a fake photo of two male Harry Potter characters in bed

Brokeback Moments

Overheard from a radio station that gets on my nerves:

Boy: Let's call the wedding off!
Girl: Why? Boy: It's because of your brother!
Girl: But he likes you!
Boy: That's the problem! (turns gay) I like him too!

Which reminds me of another joke from another station which I also don't listen to (heard it from a bus)

Girl: Why aren't handsome guys courting me?
Boy: Because they're busy courting each other!
"Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread."

~Pablo Neruda