March 3 - 9

Stories and Videos: Pork Chop Duo, The Green Hornet
Featured Artists: Eugene Villaluz, Merrily Weber

The Color of Laughter 

What's the difference between clouds and a women's underwear? Behind the clouds is sky, but behind the panty is heaven. (So much for wholesome). Just like any red-blooded, green-minded color-blind guy, I enjoy the jokes of the stand-up comedy team Porkchop Duo. I remember laughing so hilariously the first time I heard them - in Orani, Bataan in 1995. Through the years, they made millions of Filipinos happy 

Stings Like A Bee

Kato (Jay Chou) is a mechanical genius,the secret weapon of Daily Sentinel newspaper magnate James Reid. He had just finished his kick-ass masterpiece - a bomb-proof car with machine guns and self-inflating tires - when Reid was assassinated. The spoiled playboy brat son Britt (Seth Rogen) discovered him because of, of all things, the Starbucky coffee maker he invented. They played vigilantes, boy will be boys, then the image-conscious crime lord ( Christoph Waltz) comes after them - and it's grown-up time. 

The sub-plot conflict scene between Kato and Britt is supposed to add depth to their characters; reminded me of a bi gym buff friend of mine and his ex-boyfriend and their lovers' quarrels. Bruce Lee was Kato in the orig Green Hornet TV series, a Filipino butler. Sounds familiar.

Jay's Kato is different, you don't want to mess around with him. Looks like Jimmy Bondoc too. 

The greatest crime in this slam-bang popcorn caper is how Christoph Waltz stole the entire movie! The Nazi villain in Inglorious Basterds, remember? Hell of a cool actor! 

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