July 14-20

It was the first day of work for Geronimo (Eddie Garcia), the newly elected mayor of Baras town. During the flag ceremony, the appointees of the ex-mayor, Perez (Jaime Fabregas) was taunting him. Suddenly, Geronimo took out a whip and lashed at them! The people were electrified. Geronimo went into action and soon Baras became a peaceful and law abiding town. My favorite scene is when he told some cattle rustlers: "Oh, so you just decided to take home that rope not knowing there's a carabao attached to it!" One of the thieves said, "He has only a whip!" Then Geronimo pulled out a gun and shot them. Meanwhile, Perez has sent out assassins to kill him on All Saints Day. Then a visitor came to town: a crime syndicate boss (Johnny Delgado) who also wants to kill him. More bad news: Perez won his electoral protest case and sent the military to oust Geronimo. A loyal ally, the former mayor Ka Ando (Ruben Rustia) told Geronimo that the people are behind him

Ventriloquist and puppeteer Wanlu first gained fame when he won the championship in Talentadong Pinoy, a nationwide talent competition in the Philippines. He is now wowing audiences around the world in his series of shows in international luxury cruises. On January 12, 2012, he and his ventriloquist dummy Nicolo guested in the radio show Nite Chat, hosted by Tsongkibenj, on 92.3 NewsFM. Wanlu challenged Nicolo to answer as fast as he can. It was a wham-bam rapid-fire exchange.

Wanlu: 1 + 1?

Nicolo: 2!

Wanlu: 2 x 2?

Nicolo: 4!

Wanlu: 4 x 4?

Nicolo: 32!

Wanlu: What's your name?

Nicolo: 64!

Police officers Starsky and Hutch were asking a nice elderly couple why they haven't reported their missing car. Apparently the trunk (the British call it "boot") was full of dynamite. That's sounds like a valid reason. Starsky and Hutch (who sang Don't Give Up On Us) have a friend also named Huggy Bear. But his is two words, first word is two syllables, second word is one syllable. Mine is one word, four syllables

The world is full of zombies walking around, eating other people So a greedy businessman named Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) took over a part of the city and transformed it into Fiddler's Green, a fortress-like enclave with all the good things in life Thing is, you have to be rich to get in This exclusive shelter get supplies from neighboring cities and rural towns overrun with the walking dead Riley (Simon Baker) is one of those smugglers, along with Cholo (John Leguizamo) One of his former co-workers (get it?) was one of those excluded. Just outside the electrified walls, he was inciting people to sort of mount a coup. Bitter? Riley told him, "You see yourself locked out, I see myself locked in." "I'm looking for a world," he added, "where there are no fences." This was from George Romero's The Land of The Living Dead. I saw it on DVD using a laptop in the guest room of a friend's house, June 24, 2012

We take comfort in knowing there is life out there, and that they also know we are here. The space craft captured in Roswell defied all logic and scientific knowledge. A recruited German scientist theorized: The only way to power it is mind control, as shown by the lab experiments with the telepathic aliens before they were killed. My favorite scene is when 12-year old Jacob, the son of a human from another planet, defended himself with his incredible mental powers when U.S. Army Col. Owen tried to take him to fly the saucer. My favorite dialogue is when Owen told the German scientist who stood his ground: "That's the kind of attitude that made you lose the war!" The scientist refused to be bullied. "We lost the war because the Russians betrayed our trust," he said. "It was never a question of attitude!"


We are not alone in this universe.