November 3-9

Narinig Mo Na Ba Ang La8est

Popoy (Aga Muhlach) is bonding with his younger brother, Bong (John Prats) over sandwiches on the terrace. 

Popoy: (casually) You got a girlfriend now? 

Bong: (surprised) Why? 

Popoy: (dryly) Because your ear has grown a cellphone attached to it! 

Bong: (smiles) Yes...How about you? 

Popoy: (pause) No...Have you ever done "it"? 

Bong: (tentatively) Yes...How about you? 

Popoy: (a bit defensively) Yeah, when I was 18, in high school! 

Bong: (appalled) Shit, that was a long ago! And you've never done it since?! 


Popoy is overjoyed by the news: his boss (Tessie Tomas) says he's being groomed as the next creative director of their ad agency 

Boss: (hesitant) But there's a catch. You know, during the 70s, I was into marijuana. Joots! So, personally, I have no problems with people who are "different." Do you understand? 

Popoy (confused) No 

Boss: Some people are grumbling that there's now too many gay people in that department! They're afraid our ads for truck batteries will become ads for beauty products! 


Later, in a bar, Popoy is consoled by his colleague, Gina (Joyce Jimenez). 

Gina: (indignant) That's discrimination! So what if you're gay? 

Popoy: (exasperated) That's the point! I'm being discriminated against, and I'm not even gay! 


Gina empathizes, saying that people are judging her, calling her names like pokpok and haliparot because of her easy-to-get reputation. But, she says, "I'm just a hopeless romantic!" 


Popoy and Gina are in Paco Park, at night, with a box of pizza. 

Popoy: (self-conscious) Do you realize that we look a couple of idiots, having a picnic at night? 

Gina: Oh, nobody's paying any attention! By the way, I went out with Dennis last night! 

Popoy: (deadpan) I know. I was there, remember? 

Gina: What is he saying about me? 

Popoy: (neutral) Oh, nothing... 

Gina (bemused) You men are all the same. There's a conspiracy of silence. Why do men have to brag? 

Popoy: Not all. There's still some decent men left. 

Gina: Like you?

Popoy: You don't believe me? 

Gina: It's my turn to ask. Will you answer? 

Popoy: It depends. 

Gina: Are you gay? 

Popoy: Do I look gay? 

Gina: Oh, gays come in all sizes amd shapes now. Sometimes, they're even more macho than real men! 


One time, Popoy took Gina home and cooked for her 

Gina: That's delicious! 

Popoy: You have a strange way of flattering! You haven't even tasted it! 

Gina: Where did you learn how to cook? 

Popoy: There are recipes, and I see it on TV. 

Gina: Some men watch basketball. You watch cooking shows? 

Popoy: I want a simple life. I want everyone I care about to have a full stomach. It doesn't make me less of a man! 


Huggybear's favorite scene in Jose Javier Reyes' Narinig Mo Na Ba Ang La8est: Popoy and Gina are walking in the street. 

Gina: Why is it that you don't have a girlfriend? 

Popoy: Do I have to collect women to prove I'm a man? 

Gina: Of course! 

Popoy: Is that why you always have a boyfriend? 

Gina: For companionship! 

Popoy: You mean for sex? 

Gina: (laughing) That too! Gee, now you'll really believe I'm a slut! 

Popoy: You know, you have to be happy within yourself before you can be happy with other people!

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Zonker Harris

Zonker Harris is the ultimate slacker, a modern-day "Sun God" hippie surfer, totally indifferent and clueless about life, yet charming in a rogue kind of way; in other words, a man after my own heart. 

Zonk is calling home to ask if its okay to bring his buddy Mike to their house on the Coast. "Mom, what a awful thing to say!" he says on the phone, and Mike, beside him, murmured, “Never mind…” 

That's a scene from Gary B. Trudeau's book Dude: The Big Book of Zonker, a collection of his Doonesbury cult comic-strip series. 

On the way, Mike says that a police car is signaling them to stop. Zonk disagrees, finally conceding when the cop starts shooting at them. 

The cop finds marijuana in Zonk's bag. Mike is stunned. Indignantly, he tells Zonk: "I thought you finished them all last night!" 

In jail, Zonk says his dad feels guilty because he was the one who gave Zonk his first joint 

"Were they good?" asks his jail cellmate 

Zonk smiles dreamily: "Out of this world..!"


James Street (Robert Urich) and his partner Duran are on one of their peaceful, early-morning mobile patrol duty. Responding to a emergency dispatch, they are caught by surprise when a group of snipers ambushed them. 

James is devastated; one moment, he is joking around with his partner, and the next moment, Duran is dead 

Driven by revenge, James signs up with the newly formed S.W.A.T team, with Sgt. Kay (Rod Perry), the marksman TJ McCabe (James Coleman) and the narc undercover cop Dom Luca (Mark Shera) 

But when James comes face to face with his partner's killer, he didn't get the pleasurable urge to pull the trigger. 

At that moment, their leader, Lt. Hondo Harrelson, knew that James has finally matured and grown strong enough to control his emotions, and is now worthy of being part of the elite S.W.A.T. 

"Welcome to the club!" Hondo says proudly

Some Kind of Wonderful

All-American high school kid Keith (Eric Stolz) is in love with Amanda (Lea Thompson), the most popular girl in school. But Eric is an outsider: he loves art, he works as a car mechanic and gas attendant, and his only friend is a tomboy, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson). She warns him that Amanda is only using him to get away from her rich boyfriend Hardy (Craig Sheffer), who is plotting to beat him up 

You can't judge a book by its cover, says Watts, but you can already know the price to pay 

Then Keith is blasted by another revelation: Watts is jealous of Amanda. "Break his heart," Watts tells Amanda, "and I'll break your face!" 

There are only three things I care about, Watts tells him: herself, her drums, "and you!" 

Keith confronts her. "Why didn't you tell me?!" he said.  

She replied, "You didn't ask!"

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