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Jukebox: A Short Novel By Jonathan Aquino (Part 6 of 7)

December 29 to January 4

The merry waters of Manila Bay are reflecting the moonlight like swimming fireflies. The lights on the distant ships seem to twinkle like the starry sky. The waves splashed on the giant rocks below Jo and Rico as they sat on the concrete promenade stretched along the length of Roxas Boulevard, eating peanuts and grilled corn on the cob. "This is my favorite place in the world," Rico confided. "In our province, in Pampanga, there's nothing but rice fields." "Our province is like this, beside the sea," said Jo. Quickly, she changed the subject. "How about you?" she teased. "Won't your girlfriend be mad you're with me?" "I, ah," Rico stammered. "I don't have a girlfriend..." "But I'm sure you've brought a lot of women here!" said Jo. For some reason, she doesn't want this to be true. "Would you believe you're the only one?" said Rico. He took …

Jukebox: A Short Novel By Jonathan Aquino (Part 5 of 7)

December  22-28  

Juanito was alone in the hospital waiting room, head on his hands. The silence was deafening. He cannot remember the last time he prayed. Juanito looked up as Rosal approached. "How is she?" he asked, wanting, yet afraid, to know. "Still under observation, the doctor said," she replied as she sat beside him. "Where's Juancho?" "I told him to go home and get some rest," said Juanito, putting his arm around her, giving comfort while drawing strength. Rosal put her head on his chest. "Juanito," she sighed. "What is happening to our family?" "I don't know, Rosal," he said heavily, shaking his head slowly. "I don't understand it myself..."             Rosal snuggled closer. "It seems only yesterday," she said wistfully, "Pinay was still playing with her dolls." "I was always carrying her then," Juanito chuckled. "She would laugh when I'd toss h…

Jukebox: A Short Novel By Jonathan Aquino (Part 4 of 7)

December  15-21 

Dominga has singlehandedly raised Leandro since her husband and the boy's parents died on the same year. The interisland ferry they were riding in capsized during a freak storm when Leandro was fourteen. So Dominga, who looked like Anita Linda in Lola, was nearly out of her mind with worry as her beloved grandson hurriedly stuffed some clothes into a bag. "Leandro!" she wailed. "Why do you have to go away? If you're the father, then you have to face your obligation to the child!" "Grandma, I love Pinay!" Leandro said, his thoughts scattering into hundreds of directions. "As God is my witness, I want to marry her! But I'm afraid of what Juancho might do!" "But he's like a brother to you!" Dominga reasoned. "You two have been inseparable since you were both children." Leandro was almost crying. "I don't know what to do, Grandma!" Dominga heard screams from outside. She went to the l…