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Fisherboy (8 of 11)

March 30 to April 5
Fisherboy: Imaginarily Directed By Ishmael Bernal A Story by Jonathan Aquino (8 of 11)
The sun was mercilessly hot, like a malignant, ancient fire god. Jay and Temyong were in the middle of the sea, the boats of other fishermen within sight like specks around them. The far-away shore seemed to be a mirage in the shimmering air. "Time for lunch, Jay!" said Temyong, opening the wrapped banana leaves. "How nice!" he exclaimed, pleased. "You'll love Miling's galunggong paksiw!" He looked up at the sun directly over them. "With this weather," he joked, the soup should still be hot!" "Oh, look, Tata Temyong!" said the boy, happy because he's secretly ravenous. "Nanay Miling even wrapped us some salted eggs and tomatoes!" Jay was quick to learn to eat without spoon or fork. He washed his hand in the ocean and began peeling the violet-purple salted egg. "Tatay Temyong," he asked, "I he…

Fisherboy (7 of 11)

March 23-29
Fisherboy: Imaginarily Directed By Ishmael Bernal
A Story by Jonathan Aquino (7 of 11)
That night, they found Orlando, the young assistant of Bugoy's father, in front of the boy's nipa house. Orlando, who looks like Sid Lucero in Tambolista, was sewing their net under a gas lamp.   
"Kuya Orlando, it's dark already!" said Bugoy, concerned. "I need to fix this rip before it gets bigger, Bugoy," he replied. The gas lamp was hanging from the lowest branch of a kamachile tree, where Orlando was leaning, sitting on a driftwood. Jay sat down on a log in front of him. Bugoy carried a rock and set it on Orlando's right and Jay's left. The young boy sat on it, and they can see the black ocean on Orlando's left. Cicadas were singing along to the chorus of the waves. "By the way," Orlando looked at Jay, "thank you for helping us with the net."  Jay smiled. "I enjoyed it!" Even from the weak light, he can tell that O…

2Rivers Celebrates "The Secret"

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Fisherboy (6 of 11)

2Rivers March 16-22
Fisherboy: Imaginarily Directed By Ishmael Bernal A Story by Jonathan Aquino (6 of 11)

The ocean was serenely glistening with the noonday sun. Jay and Prudy were sitting on the papag wooden bed beside the window overlooking the ocean, eating pili nuts. Prudy wanted Jay to continue his studies when they return to Manila. But the boy refused. 
"I'd rather work so I can help you, Tsong,” Jay said.“Truth is," he added, gulping fresh buco juice, "I already thought of a way! Well," said Jay, not knowing how to begin, "I hope we can stay longer here. Uh, maybe a week more? By the way, Tsong, Bugoy told me about that municipal councilor, who used to be a fisherman? Then there's this guy who lives in the next barrio? He's also a fisherman, and he was able to build a concrete house!" 
"I think I know where you're going," said Prudy, keeping it light and looking out the window. "Tsong, I want to be a fisherman!" The…

Full Movie: Once Upon A Time In China

Once Upon A Time In China

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