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July 19-25

June 7, 2014

This is my text to a friend whose aunt is terminally ill

If you still remember, my close friends Noel and Gilbert, whom I loved like brothers, are both dead. My foster father had also died. And those are just the people you know.

So believe me when I tell you that I know the pain of losing a loved one.

I'm really sorry to hear about your aunt's condition. My prayer for healing goes out to her. I know the agony of uncertainty. A part of you hopes for a miracle, but somewhere at the back of your mind, you have accepted the inevitable.

My own belief has a different view of death. We are just passing through life. Death is also just another transition. I don't subscribe to the conventional stories of heaven and hell. But I believe in God. I believe in the immortality of the soul and laws of the universe. We all come back to finish all that we started in our previous journeys across a thousand years.

June 7, 2014

This is my text reply to a friend who was asking about our house-hunting after my recent marriage

Our new house is solid concrete in a quiet residential compound within walking distance from my office.

We bought a portable butane stove, an inflatable mattress and an air pump. We've completed the basics: pots, kitchen ware, pail, and basin. Our house in the middle of the street looks like a mini grocery after we went shopping in Gaisano Main in Colon. We also chose Ganador for rice. We're going out now to my barber and to buy one of those blue plastic gallons with faucets from the nearest water refilling station. Our honeymoon on our first night in our new house is the happiest time in my life.

June 10, 2014 
1:41 a.m., Tuesday

One of my close friends at work is having some family issues. This is my text message to him

I just came back from my honeymoon. I heard you returned to Manila with the wifey and my godson on indefinite leave.

I hope all goes well. Things always do, in the end. Even the worst storms had to end at some point. It pains me that my close friends are going through tough times just when I found true happiness at last. As long as you don't let go of the most important people in your life, then you're on the right track. Be strong, brother. 

May 28, 2014
8:30 a.m., Wednesday 

A friend has resigned from his job and is now in a place with "no family and no friends," according to his text when he told me his new number. This is my reply.

I find it hard to believe that a person will find happiness by turning his back on the most important people in his life: his family and his true friends. I respect your need for privacy and your right to live the way you want to. But I'm sad that another one of my friends are gone. Especially now that I have my soul mate and the one I will live with for the rest of my life. I have found true love bro. I'm the happiest person in the world. My life is now complete. I wish you find peace of mind, my friend. Good speed


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened," says Buddha. "Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
"To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind," says Buddha. "If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him."
“There is eloquence in the tongueless wind, and a melody in the flowing brooks and the rustling of the reeds beside them, which by their inconceivable relation to something within the soul, awaken the spirits to a dance of breathless rapture, and bring tears of mysterious tenderness to the eyes, like the enthusiasm of patriotic success, or the voice of one beloved singing to you alone.” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
"Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind." ~ Buddha
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"My life is now complete..."