Why Leave The One You Love?

Huggybear's Stories
October 18-24 Edition

July 27, 2014

Text to someone whose wife is leaving

She is going across the seas to a far-away city to start a business while you're here working. It sounds like a smart and practical move.

But you also mentioned that she doesn't have any extra money for capital. She'll be living entirely on your salary like a pensioner, waiting to save enough for even a small venture. That could take months. 

I sort of admire you for your loyalty for letting her take your ATM card and you'll be the one who'll be dependent on her. I try to understand where you are both coming from.

But I don't get it. Why the rush? Why can't she wait for the savings before she leaves? If you both want to save, you two can do it even without separating. Two can live as one, goes the old saw, and that's true. You said you'll both live frugally when she goes. That may be so, but it also means that your expenses will now need to cover rent for two houses and two individual lifestyles. You're like a divorcee paying alimony.

Or perhaps there are undercurrents of discontent? I mean not just on her part because she wants to leave, but also from your subconscious because you happily agreed? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by conflicting emotions? Is it like having too much too soon?

"There's a danger in loving somebody too much," goes a song which comes to mind.

I'm really old-school when it comes to romance. Maybe I'm idealizing things, but I think a loving and loyal partner would rather be with you no matter what hardships may come. The important thing is that you're together. A partner worth fighting for will never leave on such flimsy reasons.

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Patty Smyth

"There's a danger in loving somebody too much
and it's sad that you know it's your heart you can't trust,
there's a reason why people won't stay where they are..."

Jonathan Aquino's Journal

July 26, 2014

I see most events as incidents in the larger scheme of things.

I've always had a sense of history. I have this fascination with people who had changed the lives of millions, like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.  My next magazine articles will be different. I intend to focus now on history.  

I'm going to craft a series timeless sketches of some of the country's most significant figures, like I did with Cory Aquino, Ramon Magsaysay and Ramon AvanceƱa. I'll go beyond borders of course, like I did with my stories on Albert Einstein, Shirley MacLaine and Richard Feynman. I'm inspired by the articles in vintage Reader's Digest magazines. My life has been enriched by those stories about Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisonhower, George Marshall, Ted Williams and Charles Lindbergh, to name some that stand out from my memory. 

I'm going to write more stories that will inspire and give a sense of renewed purpose like Og Mandino, just like I did with my articles on Paulo Coehlo, Norman Vincent Peale and, of course, Og Mandino. A lot of my coming articles will be on self-motivation and maximizing one's full potential, like the ones I have about Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and Robert Kiyosaki. This means bringing out the best in me to walk the talk.

I'm not reinventing myself as a public speaker although the person I have in mind is Tony Robbins, whom I've also written about and consider as one of my role models. One of the greatest lessons I've learned from him is to take someone who has the kind of success that you want and just do what he did so you will achieve it too.

Tony Robbins

"You don't have to start from scratch," he says. "Success leaves clues." 

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"No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it." ~ George Washington Carver
"It makes a sound like thunder, it makes me feel like rain,
and like a fool who will never see the truth,
I keep thinking something's gonna change..."
"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular." ~ Tony Robbins
Huggybear said…

"I see most events as incidents in the larger scheme of things..."