Home For Christmas

Huggybear's Favorite Songs From The Carpenters

December 3 Midweek Musical

Merry Christmas Darling 

I'll Be Home For Christmas


A Song For You

Yesterday Once More

We've Only Just Begun

For All We Know

I Need To Be In Love

Calling Your Name Again
Richard Carpenter

Photo courtesy of ukmix.org


Lalah said…
all time best songs naman talaga ang carpenters u bet mga magulang natin yan ang uso at paborito nila hahaha ang pinaka gusto ko dito yong we've only just began. ang galing nga ng mga kanta nila eh kasi lahat may meaning, they made a song out from their emotions and experience, ganon naman lahat diba pero may kakaiba sa carpenters na yan eh hahaha
Hi Lalah! Good songs never die, Some of the best poetry in the world came not from poets, but from songwriters, like "Perhaps Love" by John Denver and "May Bukas Pa" by our very own Rico J. Puno.

Music helps us to find our strength within. When I feel the need for a moral boost, I have my old reliables: "Never Surrender" by Corey Hart, "Follow Your Road" by Pauline Wilson and "You're Only Human (Second Wind)" by Billy Joel. Then I can face the world again.

We are immeasurably richer because of the songs that have touched our souls. The Carpenters became popular in the 1970s during our parents' youth, and they have down to our generation as immortal and unforgettable classics. I'm glad you like "We've Only Just Begun."

Beautiful memories shall be with us all the days of our lives.

Merry Christmas, my friend.
"Holidays are joyful, there's always something new,
but every day's a holiday when I'm near to you..."