A Thousand Summers 6

Saturday Evening Posts
February 14-20 Edition

A Thousand Summers

January 2013 came. Then the unthinkable happened: my original vintage Nokia flip phone finally malfunctioned.

I call it Volkswagen because I think of it as an old reliable, like 96.3 W-Rock which had consistently played the soundtrack of my life through the years.

There's a great sense of comfort in that. And in this world of constant change (which is also the title of my all-time favorite Filipino song), I really can't ask for anything more.

I really don't want another phone, and it's enough for me that I knew I can afford one. Naturally, I went to Manuel, my trusted technician friend in Baclaran.

I first met him when I had the Volkswagen's housing changed in 2010. I was then living in Parañaque and working in my first call center at the Mall of Asia.

We were laughing like crazy because, since then, they had moved into four different stalls and I had lived in four different places: Santa Ana in Manila; Tanza and General Trias in Cavite, and Moonwalk in Las Piñas.

And in between, I also lived for weeks in Gwapotel, a public transient dorm at the back of Manila Hotel. Double-bunk beds, like those in the economy section of inter-island ferries, fill each floor like fields the size of three basketball courts.

The things that happened to me and the characters I encountered there can fill an entire volume.

To Be Continued 

"People are strange
when you're a stranger..."

People Are Strange
(Theme from Lost Boys)
Echo & The Bunnymen

"When you're strange,
faces come out of the rain..."


It was Friday the 13th as I was reading Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 horror classic Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde near midnight of February 2015. "The creature who crept into my house that night," as Lanyon wrote to Utterson upon witnessing the ghastly metamorphosis, "was, on Jekyll's own confession, known by the name of Hyde and hunted for in every corner of the land as the murderer of Carew."
"As you identify the thing that you want and you achieve vibrational harmony with it, by Law of Attraction you summon the Energy through you, and that is what life is. When someone stops desiring, Life Force no longer flows through them, and then they re-emerge into the Nonphysical where you have all kinds of goals and intentions." ~ Abraham
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“Face your fears and allow yourself to unmask their illusion.” ~ Ramtha
“Do not rely on the outer world as your measuring stick for your own spiritual growth, rely on your response to the outer world to determine how much you have grown.” ~ Bashar
"Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you." ~ Wayne Dyer