A Thousand Summers 7

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March 14-20 Edition

A Thousand Summers 7

One time, I was sitting in Baywalk just diagonally across the U.S. Embassy.

It was 5:02 a.m., May 19, 2012 as I typed my thoughts in my phone. I was then feeling alone, unworthy and losing my faith in humanity.

In front of me is a gap in the concrete promenade through which I see the waters of Manila Bay slide up and down the trash-strewn shore, and the back of the fourth guy to pee since I've been there for an hour or so.

The dark blue sky was steadily turning bright as mosquitoes swirled around my hair, their buzzing drowned out by the sound of traffic behind me.

A man on the right of the gap was sprawled on the promenade, the amusing bulge in his shorts growing more distinct with the coming of the light.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Jonathan Aquino's Journals

March 14, 2015 

My fifth book, A Wonderful World, was published three days ago. It is inspired by Leo Buscaglia's Zen-themed The Way of The Bull and Paulo Coehlo's mystical Like A Flowing River.

Yet after all is said and done, my book is my own voice, authentic and original. It comes from my heart and soul.

"I looked at the pile of books for a while, going into a heightened state of awareness. I then reached out and allowed the right ones to find me. I just knew that I was then ready for whatever will come. I found three books that I feel perfectly symbolizes who I am and what I have become at this stage of my spiritual journey. They are about angels, healing and ancient secrets of wisdom." ~ from A Wonderful World.

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What A Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong

"I see trees of green, red roses, too,
I see them bloom, for me and you,
and I think to myself, what a wonderful world..."


If I'm in the U.S. right now, I would rather meet the healer Vianna Stibal than any Hollywood celebrity. I learned from Vianna that you can access tremendous self-healing powers by reaching the theta level. I first learned about her from Sandy Johnson's book Mystics & Healers which I read last week. My story on mystical healers is part of my fifth and latest book, "A Wonderful World," published just last March 11.
I have no idea what other people do on Friday the 13th. Me, I had one of my all-time favorite songs on my ears and soul on that day and on the many nights before that. I can listen to Dan Fogelberg's classic Longer over and over again, in bed in my MP3 with the lights off or even while on the stationary bike. I was in I.T. Park at twilight after gym. I had my MP3 while reading about the mystical healer Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and the Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy.
Man is the individual expression of the Infinite Mind that created the universe. "There is in all of us a higher man," as Plotinus said during the second century, "a man more entirely of the celestial rank, almost a god, reproducing God. When the soul begins again to mount, it comes not to something alien but to its very self. The self thus lifted, we are in the likeness of the Supreme."
I'm making changes in my Google+ profile. Here is the one I've been using originally: I'm Jonathan Aquino, a.k.a. Huggybear. I'm a freelance writer from the Philippines. My poetry, fiction and wide-ranging articles have appeared in major publications. My Saturday night blog 2Rivers is a celebration of music, movies, literature and self-expression. I learned writing from Winston Churchill and Charles Lindbergh, and editing from DeWitt Wallace, founder of Reader's Digest. My favorite novel is Shibumi by Trevanian. The books that changed my life are Carlos Castañeda's Journey To Ixtlan, Wayne Dyer's Your Erroneous Zones, Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power, Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, Shirley MacLaine's Out On A Limb and Dancing In The Light, Jose Silva's Silva Mind Control Method For Getting Help From Your Other Side and Jane Roberts' The Further Education of Oversoul Seven. I'm a traveler and a seeker on a quest for deeper spiritual knowledge. I love tuna and watermelon. I also love dogs and horses but I don't eat them. I believe in freedom and simplicity. My life philosophy is summed up in Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-Reliance and Max Ehrmann's Desiderata.
I was reading Shirley MacLaine's Dancing In The Light in I.T. Park yesterday afternoon. Four young boys came and started to play somersaults on the large expanse of grass in front of me. I enjoyed watching them. A dog came when I called him. I patted his head as he licked my hand and wagged his tail.
I shared today on YouTube my short video of the bats I took yesterday at nightfall. I call it The Sound of Life.
I published today my sixth book, Why The World Needs Heroes.
"Longer than ther've been fishes in the ocean,
higher than any bird ever flew..." ~ Dan Fogelberg
"The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky,
are also on the faces of people going by..."
Huggybear said…

Also from Plotinus: “Being is desirable because it is identical with Beauty, and Beauty is loved because it is Being. We ourselves possess Beauty when we are true to our own being; ugliness is in going over to another order; knowing ourselves, we are beautiful; in self-ignorance, we are ugly.”