The Spirit of Independence

Saturday Evening Posts
March 7-13 Edition

The Spirit of Independence

A friend of mine, a musician who is in one of my amateur short films, likes biographies. When we went to visit his house by the sea in Cebu after my marriage last May, he regaled us with the oft-repeated untold stories of Imelda Marcos and Marilyn Monroe.

My birthday gift to him is A. Scott Berg's bestselling Kate Remembered, the touching story of the immortal screen icon Katharine Hepburn.

“Kate" Hepburn is perhaps the most successful, and many say is the best, actress in the history of Hollywood. She still holds the record as the winner of an unprecedented four Academy Awards for Best Actress. A rebel at heart, she defied convention by never attending the ceremonies except once.

During the 1974 Oscar Awards, the entire industry was electrified as she appeared to present the prestigious Irving Thalberg Memorial Award to Lawrence Weingarten. One of her long-time close friends, Weingarten is the producer of George Cukor's 1949 classic Adam's Rib, which starred what may be the most beloved and most enduring screen partners in the history of film: Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

Katharine Hepburn

The audience, among them some of the most famous movie stars in the world, rose as one in stunned awe.

To Be Continued


I first heard of Katharine Hepburn from an article in a vintage edition of Reader's Digest. I admire the way she lived her life in her own way. I've always have this deep respect for people who are independent and unafraid to express their own individuality. It is amazing how one thing lead to another: it was through Hepburn that I learned about Spencer Tracy who has now become one of my favorite Hollywood actors. He has that magnetic screen presence and an aura of integrity which I cannot really define. I just know a good man when I see one.
Diary, March 8, 2015. I looked at the pile of books for a while, going into a heightened state of awareness. I then reached out and allowed the right ones to find me. I just knew that I was then ready for whatever will come. I found three books that I feel perfectly symbolizes who I am and what I have become at this stage of my spiritual journey. They are about angels, healing and ancient secrets of wisdom.
Dream Journal, October 2014. I was alone, seeing glimpses of empty gray walls. I can't even see the floor: everything else was black.
I knew that someone had died there though there was no paranormal activity. I can feel his psychic imprint if not his presence.
I was looking for the woman who owns the house but she was nowhere to be found. I wanted to tell her that her husband's father died in his sleep, lying in bed with his legs crossed like he's sitting in an armchair.
Facebook Story, January 2013. I meditate. I do yoga. I believe in reincarnation. I talk to plants. I can be telepathic sometimes. I bond instantly with decent and broadminded people. On the other hand, back-fighters and power-trippers hate me. I'm happy even in solitude. I don't feel the need for other people's approval to validate my worth. I measure a person only by his character, never his resume. I know a good man when I see one. I can let go and move on. I'm not afraid to say goodbye. I'm not afraid to be different.
Blog Story, December 2012. One of the many reasons why I'm happy is because I have developed the attitude of gratitude; I'm now more focused on the positive side of things. On top of which, I am by nature an optimist, so the result is a mindset which makes me realize that everything that happens brings some good, even if the situation seems like a curse. I still don't have the life I want, but I know I will get there, so I can still smile and chillax. As long as I maintain my self-respect, and never lose my freedom and privacy, I'll be fine.
Blog Story, May 2011. The Sunken Garden at the sprawling Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines, like Ayala Triangle park in Makati, is special to me. What plays in my mind at those places is "I’ll Remember" by Madonna, theme from With Honors, a touching movie set in Harvard. I won’t tell you why, only it’s about peeks at the bright sparks on the verities of existence, sheltered by the arms of nature, under an infinite sky that will outlast our sojourn through eclectic lifetimes.