Losing My Religion 2

Saturday Evening Posts
April 4-10 Edition

Losing My Religion 2

October 11, 2014

It was forbidden to make noise or eat meat during Lent. I was taught to say grace before a meal, and the Devil would come out the wall and steal my soul if I go to bed without the Lord's Prayer.

My upbringing was certainly religious, and I have no cause for complaints because I had a happy childhood.

Now I can't say I'm religious anymore, not in any orthodox sense. I believe in God, I believe in the immortal soul, and I believe in the idea behind the Biblical parable of sowing what you reap. I don't even think I'm still a Catholic: I stopped going to Mass, though I still go to church when it's empty and just pray in deep contemplation.

There's no specific catalyst, no major turning point.

To Be Continued

Jesus is Just Alright
Doobie Brothers


Tuesday, March 31, 2015. I would always have coffee at the canteen with my new buddies J and B to avoid the rush crowd when our shift ends at 10 on week nights. The TV is always on the local channel TV5. I get to watch the dubbed version The Vampire Diaries. Damon and Stefan are both still in love with Elena; everything is the same except you can hear them in Tagalog. I can speak the local Cebu dialect but it's nice to hear people talking in your own language.
Monday, March 30, 2015. We are luminous beings, says Yoda. I was watching clips from Star Wars earlier when I went into an Internet cafe while waiting for the rain to stop. Luke arrives in Dagobah and begins his training as a Jedi in Empire Strikes Back. The Force is created by life. It binds and surrounds us. It is everywhere. Yoda lifted Luke's space ship that sank in the swamp using only his mind. Size does not matter, says Master Yoda. The Force is the greatest ally of the Jedi.
"I don't care what they may say, I don't care what they may do,
I don't care what they may say, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah..."