Why The World Needs Heroes

Saturday Evening Posts
May 9-15 Edition

March 15, 2015

I published today my sixth book, Why The World Needs Heroes, and shared on YouTube my short video The Sound of Life.

My latest book is a collection of inspirational, radical and paranormal essays I have written over the years. Here is an excerpt:

"I always remind myself that I'm a spiritual being having a physical existence, which I learned from Wayne Dyer, and not the other way around as I used to. I practice a form of Zen meditation called mindfulness, which I learned from Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh, where my senses are heightened as I focus and become fully aware of the present moment..."

My body is still tingling from yoga and my intensive work-out this morning. I had mango shake for breakfast. I'll go to the park later in the afternoon to read Stranger To The Ground by Richard Bach.

It is a sweet day and a beautiful life. This is a wonderful world and I am one with the universe.

Download the eBook version of Why The World Needs Heroes

Jonathan Aquino's Journals
March 14, 2015

I'm now coming to the third month of my self-imposed vacation.  I've been very productive.

I published my fourth and fifth eBooks, A Celebration of Life and A Wonderful World. I'm going to publish my sixth tomorrow. I have also finished another major personal project.

My body is shaping up nicely with my daily work outs. When I publish this piece on my blog I will include my photo wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt taken today.  My blog is already set to publish my Saturday stories and Wednesday songs all the way to the first week of May. I have traveled and found my beach.

Above all this is the most sustained period of consistent positive vibrations I have ever experienced. This is one of the best times of my life and I'm enjoying every second of it.

 "Please." goes the classic song, "don't let this feeling end..." 

Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Melissa Manchester
Theme from Ice Castles

"I can see what's mine now, finding out what's true,
since I've found you lookin' through the eyes of love...."


A friend told me he is getting stressed out. I told him that all he needs is a vacation. He says there is so much aggravation in the office. "It's not what happens but how we react to it," I texted back. "What matters most is our point of view. It sounds really cliche but that is one of the greatest lessons I learned in life."
Kahapon nagpunta ako sa dagat sa probinsya, nanood ng pelikula at nabigyan ng spiritual upliftment ng aking Guardian Angel. May mga nangyayari na hindi ko gusto pero alam kong lilipas din ang mga iyon.
Huggybear said…

"I can see what's mine now..."