A Thousand Summers (Episode 13)

Saturday Evening Posts
June 13-19 Edition

A Thousand Summers

Episode 13

Our RORO bus entered the mystical province of Quezon. I saw a poignant scene of an elderly man walking up to a small house on a hill, his dog following him. That was in Candelaria, home of the world-famous lambanog, the Filipino liquor made from coconut.

There was a woman reading in a bamboo terrace, like those in Zamboanga, built on stilts over a clear, flowing river in Atimonan. I was mesmerized as we came to Gumaca, the stars were so alive; it's like being in outer space. By the time I was in Lopez,

I already had four friends monitoring my trip through text messages; that's also a metaphor for a greater reality.

I only realized I've fallen asleep when I woke up, exhausted. I looked out the window. There was no dramatic entrance, no sense of arrival, but finally I was in Bicol.

From Sorsogon, our bus boarded the inter-island cargo ferry.

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Jonathan Aquino's Journals

March 20, 2015, Friday

I got together with some of my friends from my previous job for breakfast yesterday. We went to a restaurant called Ekit's in Mabolo district in Cebu.

There was an enlarged and framed copy of a Manila Bulletin food column on the entrance praising its pork pochero which really is delicious beyond compare. 

I'd rather be a Buddhist monk, even as I joked that I'm such a useless vegetarian, that a manager in my new office shindig which starts next week.  What I really want is to be a Jedi. 

It is nearly midnight as I write this and I just finished reading another Star Wars novel which I bought earlier around six in the evening. My two-month self-imposed vacation is coming to an end. I'm beginning a new episode in my semi-charmed kind of life.

The Jedi Master Luke Skywalker "walked down the steps with a gliding stride," says Anderson, "quickly enough that the others would not lose patience, but with enough grace to imply his own strength of character." 

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I made my way to my rented room carrying my usual steamed rice breakfast, side stepping the mud puddles from the rain last night. A blue sky is being born on the gray dome of the earth. I realized that my early morning walks from the office has become a form of meditation and prayer ~ Diaries, June 9, 2015, Tuesday
One moment I was in my workstation and the next I was gone. I quickly got out of the office at my shift's end at four in the morning on the dot. But I was not rushing. The paradox was my awareness of my every action. I glided smoothly as my breath drew in the prana in the and into the solar plexus. ~ Diaries, June 11, 2015, Thursday
I stood under the large tree as birds began to sing to welcome the dawn. I smiled up at the little sparrows flitting from branch. It was a fine moment. It had been raining earlier, but I was on dry concrete, looking at the glistening pavement. I cradled my take-out breakfast, munching on hot french fries while waiting for a ride. ~ Gratitude Journals, June 8, 2015, Monday