The Cathedral of Monte Cristo (Episode 1)

Saturday Stories
August 8-14

The Cathedral of Monte Cristo

Episode 1

It was a countryside paradise with a large post-War bamboo and nipa house, flanked by giant fruit trees, standing guard in front of a golden rice field shimmering in the breeze.

Crisostomo De Leon climbed up the ladder-like wooden stair and was knocking at the door.

"Aunt Maya?" the teenager called out, sensing everything inside and smelling the ambrosial aroma of caldereta chicken. Inside, the sounds of footsteps approached, and the wooden door opened. 

"Crisostomo!" she exclaimed, delighted. "I didn't you were coming! But I'm glad you did! Come in, come in!"

To Be Continued Next Saturday

Huggybear Diaries

December 4, 2014, Thursday

Some incredible stuff have been happening to me lately even as I enter into their mysteries. 

I saw on the headline of a local paper that the city is on red alert because of "super typhoon" Ruby will make landfall this Saturday. 

I'm not even fazed. My landlord's brother just told me that it was supposed to have been last night. I know I'm protected, except from those I've charted for myself before I've been born in this lifetime. But aside from that, I have the inexplicable yet imperturbable certainty that no harm can ever come to me.

You'll Be Safe Here

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"All school levels are closed. I'm tuned in to the radio, monitoring the live reports across the country while waiting for sleep after working the entire night. Titanic waves are sprouting over Manila Bay, lashing down at Baywalk, the stretch of sea-side road in Roxas Boulevard in Manila which is one of my favorite places in this country." ~ Rammasun Morning Meditation
"Keep on shining..." ~ Chris Thompson, If You Remember Me
I face the world as me, but that is only who I am in my present lifetime. The real me transcends my physical identity, and I have lived for more than a thousand years. I came from the Source of All That Is. ~ Jonathan Aquino's Journals
"I think of you, and let it go..." ~ Nena, 99 Red Balloons